Sex stories my life as a teenage stud

From that day on, my grades improved dramatically, so much so that even my mother was surprised. I was faced with five pulsating pussies, all eager to be pleasured by my relentless dong. I carried my mother in my sinewy arms and my sister by the shear strength of my rock-hard giant staff. As Natalie maneuvered herself over me, Lucy had gone to the bed and the box that her mom had me take out of the cupboard. Can you imagine bottles of pure Tim-juice on the shelves at Wal-Mart? Now it way my turn to put my hand in front of the receiver.

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At the other end of the bed, Kate and Suzie were busy rubbing handfuls of gunk around Danielle's exposed anus.

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My Life as a Teenage Stud: Part 1

I sat up, and held them, rubbing my thumbs over her nipples until they bloomed and became erect in my hands. After half-an-hour of training, I heard the front door of the house open. And, as an added bonus, I would get to fuck one of the hottest, but most unobtainable, girls in school. I realized with glee that it was probably used by both of these women, on each other. She held the viscous jizz in her mouth and slathered it back on the tip of my bloated knob.

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sex stories my life as a teenage stud
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sex stories my life as a teenage stud
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