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You don't even need to wait 15 years these days. Orton should probably be in jail. Randy did it to him on the 1st day he was with the company at tv and just as he was about to pull his dick out, Stephanie walked in, and that shit went right back in his pants. Reminds me of that saying, "every successful person either is already abnormal or becomes abnormal", or something like that. Actually in kayfabe the voices tell him NOT to do stuff. I forgot which of them told that story, but I do remember that it was told.

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That's fucked up man.

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Dude literally pulled his dick out in front of people, touched himself, and then demanded physical contact under threat to people's employment. I remember even Goldust tweeting that the current locker room backstage was the nicest group of people he's ever worked with and that he hopes it stays that way. I'm a bit of a germaphobe. This thread is strange AF! Louis CK's career is over because of the exact same behavior. While I will agree he is a bit of an ass, I'm pretty sure the Shit in a bag story wasn't true.

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