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Trust and respect are established over time. Twenty years later, we live in different times. Young couples find holding hands so delicious on its own that it takes months before they would want to go further. Most people think it simply means girls acting too sexy too young. What tricks do they expect me to perform? An older couple came and sat nearby. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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But it's not just children who are affected.

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Sexualisation of the young is becoming society's cancer

Today it's likely the child would have merely watched too much MTV. One winter's evening inmy wife and I were at Melbourne airport awaiting a flight. It's not just the young. Advertising teaches our young to evaluate themselves merely by their looks. Our earn-and-spend culture edges us towards seeing ourselves as a product. For example, boys are being admitted to London's Tavistock Clinic for sexual abuse of sisters or girls at school and found to have been addicted to online porn for years.

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